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Innovative Railcar ID System Developer

EI Systems Corp. offers more than a decade of experience helping rail shippers leverage the latest AEI technology. Throughout our tenure in this field, we have developed custom railcar ID system applications to work seamlessly within the operations and information management systems already present in our client organizations. As a logistics IT provider, we have also assisted our clients in implementing brand new operations processes that best leverage ever-changing railcar RFID innovations.

One of the most exciting innovations to come along in recent years is mobile handheld technology, which can be fully integrated into rail yard management applications.

Mobile Railcar RFID Application Leader

EI Systems Corp. is the leader in designing applications that operate on the majority of AEI handheld computers. Our mobile railcar RFID application, Rail Mobile, is uniquely designed to scan individual railcars, record inbound and outbound traffic data, and inventory cars by track.

Our Rail Mobile product, which will be detailed in a later section, provides rail yard managers with an error-free data collection tool that can be easily integrated into existing processes and systems. This tool dramatically streamlines RFID logistics, and translates into asset management efficiencies that contribute directly to the bottom line.

A PDF download of our Rail Mobile product is available under our "Products" tab.

RFID Logistics Support

The automated equipment identification experts at EI Systems Corp. can provide any level of assistance needed by your organization. From rail yard management consulting services to designing custom RFID logistics applications, we can provide the exact expertise necessary for any project scope.

We encourage you to contact us by phone or email to find out how we can help you leverage railcar ID system technology and optimize railroad operational efficiencies.