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Complete Transportation IT Systems Solutions

One size simply does not fit all when it comes to leveraging AEI and RFID technology to meet the needs of our diverse group of clients. That's why EI Systems Corp. employs a comprehensive line-up of services and expertise in order to develop an automated identification system and transportation IT systems that truly work to support our clients' unique operations and information management needs.

There are many companies who can install AEI readers and standard software applications. On its own, this basic technology installation can serve to improve information management and processing but may only scratch the surface of possibilities for efficiently managing transportation logistics.

As a logistics IT provider specializing in every aspect of industrial rail applications, EI Systems Corp. and AEI consultants offers unique capabilities to make technology serve our clients' operations needs in ways that most other providers simply cannot deliver. Our extensive experience with industrial rail system applications puts us in a position to help our customers identify efficiency and management goals that can realistically be met with the latest technologies.

Proven Logistics IT Provider

One of the unique differences between EI Systems Corp. and other transportation systems solution providers is that we have established partnerships with every single AEI hardware manufacturer. What this means for our customers is that we are not tied to providing transportation IT systems applications limited to a particular railcar id system or AEI hardware. What this also means is that we have effectively proven our systems expertise to AEI hardware manufacturers to the point where they have authorized EI Systems Corp. as a recognized channel partner.

As a proven logistics IT provider with a deep understanding of our customers' operations and needs, EI Systems Corp. can hit the ground running to design systems that truly support your unique mission.