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Automated Identification System Experts

Productivity and efficiencies in rail shipping have increased exponentially over the past decade. This increase is due in no small part to improvements in automated identification system hardware and software to accurately keep track of rail cars and cargo deliveries. But, as with deployments of technology in any industry, railcar RFID applications are constantly expected to do more, do it better, and do it faster. Shipping customers and shareholders alike expect constant improvement in operations efficiencies.

EI Systems Corp. helps its clients stay on top of the latest innovations in yard management system technology and real-time railcar tracking, identification, and reporting. And as a leader in RFID logistics we make those innovations work for your bottom line.

Yard Management System Integration

In rail yard management, we know that idle assets quickly eat up profits. That's why EI Systems Corp. delivers efficient yard management system solutions that help you manage every single car on a real-time basis.

Rail Manager, our trademark web-based rail yard inventory system, combines automatic equipment identification technology with a convenient web-based interface to enable incredible real-time yard management. Just a few of the many features and benefits of Rail Manager include:

  • Graphic representation of car types, status, and location in the yard.
  • Real-time car flagging capabilities for cars in need of service.
  • Searchable database of each railcar history.

Rail Manager is discussed in greater detail in a later section.

Automatic Equipment Identification Systems Integration

The key to effective use of any technology is leveraging its capabilities within an existing operations framework. This is no different for automatic equipment identification technology.

No matter how your company's operations are structured, EI Systems Corp. can develop transportation IT systems that work seamlessly with your unique operations model. We can help you get the most from an automated identification system that is designed specifically to meet the present and future needs of you organization.