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Custom RFID Logistics Solutions

Ever since Automated Equipment Identification (AEI) requirements were mandated by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) in the 1990s, rail transportation companies and their customers have constantly sought new and better ways to leverage collected data to streamline operations and maximize profits. The RFID logistics experts at EI Systems Corp. have been there since the early stages of AEI implementation, helping companies get the most out of this powerful technology.

With our proven rail yard management system expertise, and our extensive working knowledge of the rail shipping industry in general, many Fortune 500 companies have come to rely on us. Our AEI consultants can provide the custom solutions that make your rail shipping operations management vision a reality. EI Systems Corp. delivers exactly what you need, when you need it.

AEI Consultants to Rely On

When you hire EI Systems Corp. for your specialized IT needs, you hire a team you can rely on. Our AEI consultants, software developers, and systems engineers deliver an integrated approach to your project and goals so that the end result often exceeds our clients' expectations.

One thing that makes our group unique among our competitors is our ability to deliver integrated AEI hardware and software solutions. For our customers, that means a streamlined single source process which results in superior installation and more effective post-installation support.

AEI FEP systems designed by EI Systems Corp. have been implemented by companies including Amoco, British Petroleum (BP), SEPTA, Innovene, and many more. You can read what these clients have said about our services under our 'Company Info' tab.

AEI FEP Expertise

EI Systems Corp. has helped raise the bar when it comes to leveraging AEI technology. The AEI FEP (Automated Equipment Identification Front End Processor) systems we design have at their core a focus on your company's return on investment. Often that ROI comes in the form of significant operations efficiencies.

Effective implementation of RFID logistics management systems can help achieve operations efficiencies that were only dreamt about a decade ago. EI Systems Corp. helps make it happen.