Rail Manager®

A Powerful Rail Yard Management System.


Automatic Data Capture using stationary AEI reader, handheld reader or electronic records (CLMs) imported from rail carrier
  • Reduce labor costs for acquiring railcar arrival, departure and location data
  • Eliminate labor costs for manual data entry
  • Reduce labor costs currently spent searching for cars
  • Accurate and timely collection of railcar info
  • Improve railcar utilization and decrease fleet costs
  • Reduce switching costs caused by inaccurate car location and status records
  • Eliminate shipping & inventory errors caused by manual entry of railcar data
  • Accelerate shipping process with timely electronic records
  • Maximize labor utilization by eliminating wait time for manually collecting car arrival & departure information
  • Effective tools for yard management
  • Reduce labor costs for creating & communicating switching and shipping requests
  • Reduce time and costs for data analysis and investigations by storing all historical records in easily searchable electronic format
  • Utilize built-in tools for measuring, monitoring and improving performance
  • Optimize yard capacity with high visibility of yard utilization and car status
  • Designed for integration with existing systems
  • Automate weight capture with integration of Rail Scale
  • Designed for integration with your existing financial, manufacturing, process control, shipping and 3PL car tracking systems.
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    A web-based rail yard inventory system, Rail Manager® extends the use of Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) systems to aid in the management of railcars in rail facilities and yards. Rail Manager® continuously identifies, in real time, the location, status and history of every railcar in the yard. This information is displayed on a graphical map of yard (below) and is maintained in a database format for effective reporting and tracking. Unlike competitive products, Rail Manager® is accessible to an unlimited number of users from any internet-connected PC. With the optional Rail Logger® system and Rail Mobile® system, Rail Manager® is designed to maximize the utilization and availability of rolling stock.

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