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Railcar Automation Assists Global Economy

Our modern global economy simply couldn't exist in its current form without the constant improvements attained in maritime, rail, and intermodal shipping management. Railcar automation in terms of load processing, inventory tracking, and shipping time management has delivered efficiencies that form the basis of a feasible movement of goods around the world.

Most of the advancements in shipping management are fueled by global positioning satellite (GPS), data transmittal and connectivity, and RFID technology. These technologies have provided real-time railcar tracking capabilities that provide actionable decision-making tools for both industrial shippers and carriers. Rail information that used to take hours, days and sometimes weeks to compile and analyze is now available to shipping managers with the click of a mouse.

EI Systems Inc. has been a pioneer in creating industrial rail applications to provide reliable, actionable data to our rail shipping clients. The unique perspectives and experience we bring to the table allow us to customize cutting edge solutions to position our customers for the future.

Railcar Tracking Application Integration

The services we offer allow you to integrate every facet of your shipping operations. Railcar use efficiency, yard management, railcar tracking, plus communications and reporting, can be pulled together by our software and engineering experts.

Our services pick up where disparate hardware manufacturer services end. For example, any of the railcar reader hardware manufacturers can appropriately install their products and provide you with basic applications. EI Systems Corp. customizes those applications to work at an optimal level within your particular organization.

Beyond Installing Railcar Reader Technology

Enlisting our services to assess your needs, develop recommendations, and implement technology positions your organization to best leverage AEI technology. We are on top of the constant innovations in railcar automation through our partnerships with every AEI hardware manufacturer in the industry. This allows us to develop solutions for our customers with an eye to the future.

When you hire EI Systems Corp., you are not just hiring a railcar reader or yard equipment installer. You are hiring a wealth of expertise to deliver the automation results that will affect your bottom line, both now and down the track.