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Comprehensive Industrial Rail Applications

In January 2010, EI Systems Corp. introduced the commercial versions of three comprehensive trademarked products. Together, these products provide one of the most powerful industrial rail applications solutions available to shippers and carriers today.

This powerful rail tracking system is comprised of a mobile reader system, a data integration package and a Web-based yard manager. Beginning with Rail Logger, each of these products is addressed below. Depending on your needs, one or all the railcar automation systems may be appropriate for your shipping operations.

Rail Logger Integrates AEI Data

Based on our long and intense experience with industrial shipping, we have created commercial applications that fill the gaps of information collection and processing. We offer Rail Logger, the most powerful Front End Processor (FEP) available today to translate AEI reader data into immediately actionable information.

This application offers many benefits to users, including:

  • real-time tracking of railcars
  • completely accurate data collection
  • minimum maintenance requirements

This application can be used alone or in powerful conjunction with Rail Manager. A full list of features and benefits is available under our "Products" tab.

Rail Manager Enhances Yard Productivity

Effective rail yard automation management can only result when railcar inventory, history, and status is identifiable at any given moment. Rail Manager accomplishes this in a seamless Web-based rail yard inventory system.

This application provides an easy pictorial interface that can be customized to depict user track configurations. It is compatible with both fixed and portable AEI readers, and in conjunction with our Rail Mobile application, it can significantly reduce yard errors and optimize railway loading logistics. This application operates on a real time basis.

Rail Mobile Provides Handheld Convenience

As mentioned in previous articles, EI Systems Corp. is the leading developer of applications for handheld platforms. Rail Mobile, our commercial handheld product, allows ground level, error-free AEI data collection to seamlessly flow into core business processes. This application is designed to work on most AEI handheld platforms.

All of our industrial rail applications are products of years of hands-on experience working with rail crew managers in a variety of industries.