Rail Logger®
Collects, translates and organizes data from stationary railcar readers into useful information. Generates accurate and real-time records of car arrivals and departures.


  • Allows user to maintain accurate on-site car inventory.
  • Provides accurate and real-time tracking of arrivals and departures for more efficient planning, shipment verification, and demurrage validation.
  • Eliminates labor cost for manually recording railcar data and for manually entering data into electronic format.
  • Eliminates errors inherent in manual documentation.
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    All railcars in North America are equipped with an Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) tag on each side of the car. A stationary reader can be installed trackside to read these tags and record every car that passes by, collecting data such as car number, date, time, direction and speed. Many companies manufacture stationary railcar readers and each generates data in a proprietary format. Rail Logger collects this raw data and translates it into useable information. The sophisticated programs within Rail Logger enable it to translate data from all makes of readers, and to provide output in multiple user-friendly formats.

    EI Systems partners with all of the major manufacturers of stationary readers. We can work with existing readers on your site or can provide a reader custom-selected for your application. Rail Logger is the only processor available that can integrate with products from every major reader manufacturer on the market. This allows our clients to most effectively balance cost and functionality and provides critical flexibility in hardware selection.


  • Real time tracking of rail car arrivals, departures, and movements.
  • Error-free data collection.
  • Provides accurate list of all car arrivals and departures.
  • Fully automated process that reduces labor cost and speeds reporting.
  • Most robust Front End processor for AEI readers on the market.
  • Easy integration of AEI data to core business process.
  • Eliminates wasted time dealing with inaccurate info from railroads and searching for cars.
  • Effective and easy to use reporting.
  • Sophisticated error checking processes with automated alerts.
  • Can operate as a standalone system or can be linked to Rail Manager to provide a comprehensive automated yard management solution.
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