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Rail Car Tracking Benefits

Nothing has affected the shipping industry as positively as AEI technology and rail yard automation. The benefits of real-time rail car tracking are significant in terms of loss prevention, schedule maintenance, asset allocation and general process efficiency.

Collected AEI data can be turned into a useful and powerful information tool for planning and decision making by both shippers and carriers. Products like Rail Logger from EI Systems Corp. translate raw rail tracking data into actionable information. This in turn can be instantly communicated via email, fax, FTP or database to shipping personnel and managers.

Rail Tracking Product Compatibility

EI Systems Corp. is uniquely positioned in the industrial shipping marketplace. We are familiar and fully versatile with all AEI hardware, services, and software applications. We have designed our rail tracking and management applications to be fully capable of interfacing with Track & Trace providers, including QTS, Intellitrans, Bourque, RSI Logistics and RMI. These companies provide valuable customs clearing, documentation and invoicing services to commercial and industrial shippers.

Railroad train tracking applications available from EI Systems Corp. provide the seamless link to get the most from Track & Trace services. Contact us by phone or email for more information.

Railroad Train Tracking Integration

One of the common themes throughout these articles is the unique positioning and ability of EI Systems Corp. to address every aspect of our clients' shipping operations. We can design and engineer start to finish railroad train tracking solutions that support the way you do business. Our single source capability to match the best hardware and software solutions based on your operating needs can deliver excellent results to your bottom line.

In addition to rail car tracking data capture and translation services, we also offer data hosting services. These are addressed in the following article.