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AEI Tag Reader System Advancements

When automated equipment identification technology was first applied to rail transit in the early 1990s, the hardware and data collection accuracy exceeded industry expectations. However, efficient data transmittal, effective data management, and timely application of information to business decision making proved somewhat elusive, especially in the early stages of AEI tag reader information collection and processing.

The proliferation of company intranets along with the wide adaptation of World Wide Web technology in the mid-1990s began to quickly open up opportunities for advancements in inventory management across every single industry. Data collected through rail AEI reader technology found immediate value in everyday operations management. Maritime, intermodal, and rail shippers today rely heavily on AEI technology data to optimize product process and movement efficiencies.

AEI Reader Technology

One of the most beneficial advancements in RFID logistics is the flexibility of data collection methodology. More specifically, AEI reader technology in the form of portable devices has put the power of asset management right at ground level.

Rail yard managers are some of the biggest beneficiaries of portable AEI hardware. Prior to system-linked handheld AEI tag reader devices, like the Transcore handheld products, yard management personnel had to manually record railcar tag data and hand flag instructions for routine maintenance, wash, load status, and work order processing. Manual transposition errors were routine and greatly affected asset management practices.

System-linked handheld reader devices like our Rail Mobile product, have significantly streamlined and error-proofed rail yard management. Full details about Rail Mobile can be found under our "Product" tab.