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AEI Components for all Projects

EI Systems Corp. is unique in the marketplace because we're able to provide fully integrated services to meet the needs of our industrial shipping and carrier clients. Our philosophy is to provide solutions that best support the unique environments of our diverse customer base.

One way we have positioned ourselves to be able to deliver on this philosophy is by becoming fully versed with AEI components, including AEI tag readers, from every hardware manufacturer. We are accredited distributors of equipment manufactured by:

  • Comet Industries
  • Southern Technologies (STC)
  • TransCore
  • System Associates

We have designed all of our applications to work flawlessly with AEI hardware from each of these manufacturers. This allows us to design RFID logistics systems that are most appropriate for our customers, without limitations in hardware selection.

Appropriate AEI Hardware Selection

Comet, TransCore, and all the other AEI technology hardware manufacturers with which we have relationships offer innovative products that set standards in automated equipment identification technology. Having access to working knowledge of these manufacturers' full lines of AEI components through the experts at EI Systems Corp. can significantly streamline the fact gathering and assessment stages of new or replacement equipment procurement. FTE project deployment savings throughout this process can be dramatic.

Through our extensive history serving the AEI and RFID needs of rail shippers and carriers, EI Systems Corp. also has excellent working knowledge of appropriate AEI hardware applications across a number of industries. From Wavenet reader to Smartpass Reader we have a transportation logistic solution that can be implemented. We are able to quickly grasp diverse operation characteristics, and draw from our hands-on experience to identify the best hardware and system configurations to support organization goals. It is this unfettered perspective, combined with our integrated, single source capabilities, that has formed the basis of our enviable reputation.