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AEI Technology Innovations

Along with advances in AEI/RFID systems applications, data transmittal, and integration of real-time data into rail shipper and carrier operations, there have been many other advancements in the relatively brief history of automated equipment inventory technology. EI Systems Corp. has been involved in these AEI technology innovations since the early stages of this technology's widespread adoption. Our long-term involvement in pushing AEI/RFID forward for the benefit of our many clients is why new and existing customers turn to EI Systems Corp. when current systems need to be updated, or new systems designed and installed.

One of the fastest growing areas of rail management system augmentation is in the addition of AEI handheld devices, like Transcore handheld or our own Rail Mobile . As mentioned in the previous article, these products provide ground level flexibility in railcar inventory management, work assignment, and load processing. EI Systems Corp. has been a leader in bringing this highly effective technology online, and is the industry leader in designing applications for handheld platforms.

AEI Handheld Application Development Leader

The reason for our enormous success in designing applications for handhelds is simple: We integrate AEI handheld technology seamlessly into the current constructs of our customers' existing systems and operations. This provides AEI consultants and our clients with the ability to apply the benefits of mobile devices quickly within daily operations.

Our trademarked Rail Mobile handheld AEI technology product, which launched in its commercial version in January 2007, has been adopted on a full-scale basis by a number of our customers including EKA, the St. Louis Lange-Stegmann plant, INEOS at their Battleground and Chocolate Bayou sites, and by Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA). Testimonials and case histories for some of these projects are available to read under our "Company Info" and "Case Studies" tabs.

For additional information on AEI components and AEI reader options, please visit our "Products" tab.