Rail Mobile
Portable scanner for documenting railcar numbers, location and status


  • Allows user to maintain an accurate record of on-site car numbers, locations and status.
  • Eliminates labor cost for manually recording railcar numbers and locations with paper and pencil.
  • Eliminates labor cost for manually entering handwritten data into electronic format.
  • Eliminates errors inherent in manual field records and data entry.
  • Eliminates wasted switch crew time searching for misplaced cars.
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    All railcars in North America are equipped with an Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) tag on each side of the car. Rail Mobile allows users with a handheld scanner to read and record car numbers electronically, and to simultaneously record car status and car location by yard, track and spot. Rail Mobile enables rapid, automated and error-proof data collection and creates an electronic record that can easily be imported into other applications.

    Common uses include railcar tracking, monitoring, maintenance, inspection, and inventory management. Rail Mobile offers four primary functions: record car inventory by track (track walk), record inbound car list, record outbound car list, and scan individual car number to verify AEI tag functionality. Rail Mobile allows users to scan two adjacent tracks at the same time, significantly reducing labor cost.

    Rail Mobile is configured to allow multiple data output modes (email, FTP, database import), and broad range of communication options (wired/wireless network, GPRS, or serial connection to PC). Rail Mobile is designed to operate on a variety of Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) handheld scanners,

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