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Production Tracking and Shipping System


This web-based system provides inventory management of polypropylene silos and railcars. Polypropylene operators record blend production, transfer, loading, offload and backblend transaction. Shipping and distribution personnel use the system to weight, transfer, and ship railcars. Real-time Interface to SAP is provided. Web-based interface allows inventory visibility and tracking for corporate and field-based personnel.


Quality Assurance personnel use the system to monitor product lots that have been loaded but not yet released from QC.

Engineers and Operators use the system to get real-time test results from the laboratory, eliminating a paper system. This allows remote monitoring, faster and more effective decision making and significantly reduces paper use.

Operators use the system to automatically generate a 24-hour production, loading and inventory report, saving an hour of manual work every night.

Operators and engineers use the system for troubleshooting as it offers excellent product traceability and prior use data on both silos and railcars.

Data inputs are automated, simplifying work processes, saving Operator time and ensuring accuracy of the inputs.

Customer Service and Sales personnel use the system to confirm available inventories, to track shipment dates and to validate product characteristics (test data) for each shipment.

Shipping personnel use the system to identify available inventory and to track weight and shipment data.

The system automatically provides all required documentation, prints all sample labels, allows effortless and perfectly accurate data collection, eliminates low-value work, prevents errors from occurring, and helps assure customer satisfaction.