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Safety Observation Tracking System (OTS)


OTS is an intranet web-based application that allows safety observers to record, track, and analyze critical behaviors while the work is being performed. OTS was developed out of a need to be able to observe, record, track, and analyze worker’s behaviors. The application maintains a list of specific safety behaviors for each different work group at the site. The observer, while observing the work being performed, mark each safety behavior. OTS is used daily at several refinery and petro-chemical sites along the Gulf Coast.


The application has been used extensively by safety experts and safety observers by Chemical companies in the Gulf Coast area. The application helps users to achieve focus on safety and reduction of accident rates by raising awareness of hazards and dangerous behaviors. Prior to implementation, all observations were inputted on various computer files and distributed as needed. This required interaction with several people and requests were manually submitted for time specific data. Data maintenance was tedious and time consuming. OTS implementation now offers easy access to safety observations anytime. Effectively, anyone with computer access can view or input BSP (behavioral safety process) safety observations for review or download comments for safety tailgate meetings. Help links direct users to job areas called "MATS / Units" and each uses its own CBI form sheet called a "template". When changes are needed, its flexibility allows changes to be easily implemented.

The application helps promoting safety by providing detailed data analysis of safety observation process. The application allows users to quickly gather and analyze observation data.  Data analysis results in appropriate corrective actions to fix safety hazards identified by the application. The application is an integral part of the plant’s behavioral-based safety process, which has been proven to lower the accident rate.