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The right people. In all the right places.
Far be it for us to knock technology, but without a talented group of human beings at the ready, technology is nothing more than a shiny—and expensive—business accessory. Using a proprietary approach to human resources, EI Services helps you attract, recruit, and retain an All-Star team of technical pros.

  • Industry-savvy consultants
  • Pre-screening specialists
  • Exceptional resources
  • Vast talent base



Staffing Services

Mission Statement

We unite talent with opportunities and believe there is a job that fits every person and a person that fits every job.

EI Systems is a premier provider of information technology and technical staffing services. Since 1997, EI Systems has provided personnel solutions for companies throughout the southern United States. Our experience helps turn your challenges into solutions, whether you’re an individual seeking a new job, or an employer looking for talented people to join your staff.

To begin the process, EI Systems recruitment specialists hand select qualified and interested candidates for your open position, pre-screen them, and provide a full report including resumes, evaluations, and our pre-screening results. This proven approach allows our clients to save time and get better long-term results.

The EI Systems logo embodies the keys to our company's success. We are Client Centered, Systems Oriented, with a Human Element, creating a unique balance between EI Systems, our clients, and our associates. In all the years of growth and change, our mission remains the same: we are dedicated to providing extraordinary service to everyone involved as we work to Unite Talent with Opportunity.