Railroad Application Services

EI SYSTEMS offers a complete railroad application system that provides automatic and real-time railcar tracking and Identification System utilizing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI), and wireless technologies. The system automatically identifies each railcar from the time it enters the site and keeps track of its status and location continuously until it departs. It is designed to incorporate car content (including product, grade and lot numbers), scale data, inspection records, seal numbers and other car data. Each car move and each change in status is recorded and stored. Powerful reports provide easy access to complete car history as well as full yard history, including car daily car flows and daily inventory levels. Useful switch lists and helpful communication tools are incorporated.

For those whose needs extend beyond the suite of functions provided by the Rail ManagerŪ systems, our skilled team of developers and engineers offers the following:

Custom Systems Integration - We navigate the alphabet soup of IT applications, from ERP and DCS to EAM and MCCS, in industries from metals and petrochem to utilities and food products. Our systems integration services can automate the flow of data between your existing software infrastructure and your rail system. The results - greater access to information for decision making, eliminating manual data entry tasks and accelerating your work processes - can directly impact your bottom line.

Applications Development Services - When your existing applications fall short of your needs, we can help. Our professional team provides leading edge custom application development services for both new development and significant functional enhancement and maintenance of existing applications across all computing platforms.

Networking and Connectivity Services - Whether it's the design and installation of a new system or troubleshooting the one you have today, our networking and wireless communications pros can handle the job.