Rail Transload
For bulk product transfers from rail to truck, simplifies dispatch planning and electronically verifies transloading activities.

Eliminate errors and reduce labor cost
  • Instant validation of rail/truck connection anywhere in the rail yard
  • Provides electronic assurance of correct railcar/trailer match
  • Allows electronic validation of existing railcar seals
  • Allows electronic recording of new car seal installations
  • With both AEI and barcode reading capability, can reduce or eliminate keystroke errors
  • Captures railcar and seal numbers electronically, significantly improving accuracy and speed of data collection
  • Maintains seal number records electronically, eliminating significant paperwork and manual record keeping
  • Eliminate shipping & inventory errors caused by manual entry of railcar & seal data
  • Easy Integration
  • Can be linked directly to your existing dispatch systems with no manual intervention, eliminating costs and risks of manual data entry
  • Flexible
  • If desired, can serve as a stand-alone dispatch system, allowing user to store railcar inventory and customer orders and build dispatch plan
  • Provides as much or as little front-end as is needed
  • Easily configured to meet the transload protocols in place at your facility
  • Dispatching capability included
  • Allows user to maintain inventory of cars with associated products, seal numbers, shippers, etc
  • Can provide multi-level matching capability for order allocation
  • Can generate driver documentation including load orders and bills of lading
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    Rail Transload is a web-based dispatch planner that improves planning effectiveness and effectively automates the critically important process of verifying that the right railcar is being loaded/offloaded to the right trailer. It is designed around a web-based dispatch planner that can operate from any internet-connected PC. A handheld mobile computer equipped with an AEI railcar scanner and a 1D/2D barcode scanner is used for data collection and communication to and from users in the transload yard.

    Rail Transload? allows the user to create and populate a dispatch plan, linking customer orders to railcar inventory and trailer equipment. For users who already have a dispatch system, this product is designed for a seamless integration with your existing systems. It provides a completely automated interface and eliminates any duplicate keystroke data entry.

    A handheld mobile computer acquires the load plan data from the dispatch system. It is equipped with an AEI railcar scanner and a 1D/2D barcode scanner that enables transload site personnel to electronically verify each trailer/railcar connection and the associated railcar seals before the transload is begun. As additional assurance, it stores an electronic record of the trailer/railcar verification for proof if a claim arises in the future.

    The system also provides a railcar seal management function, allowing the transload site operator to scan incoming railcars using the AEI reader and electronically document the identification number(s) on the cars' security seals. This data is uploaded to a secure server and maintained in database format. As seals are changed during the course of inspecting, sampling and offloading, the user can easily rescan the car and the new seals, ensuring an accurate and up-to-date record of all seal numbers in use on the site. The seals can be entered manually or via the built-in 1D/2D barcode scanner in the portable AEI reader.

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