Rail Scale
Automates weighing records and eliminates manual data entry.

Automatic Data Capture
  • Prevents documentation errors by accurately recording railcar identification numbers and automatically linking to weight data from the scale system.
  • Eliminates labor costs for manual data entry
  • AAccurate and timely collection of railcar info
  • Reduces labor cost by speeding the weighing process
  • Accelerates the shipping process by making weight data available on a real-time basis
  • Eliminates shipping & inventory errors caused by inaccurate weight data
  • Effective tools for yard management
  • Eliminates labor cost of storing and distributing copies of paper scale tickets
  • Eliminates error-prone manual net weight calculations
  • Can eliminate weighing errors by validating scale output against estimated weight from loading systems
  • Designed for integration with existing systems
  • Reduces costs and error risks of data re-entry and accelerates processing speed by integrating with existing production, financial and shipping systems
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    Rail ScaleTM is a software system for use in managing the collection of railcar weights. It can link to a variety of scale controllers to automatically capture the scale weight. The system utilizes an AEI reader to automatically capture the car number, and interfaces to UMLER or a locally-available database to obtain tare weight for calculating net, and to obtain max gross weight to identify overloads.

    Rail ScaleTM provides simple instructions to the scale operator and can be configured to provide special instructions for exception handling. Output can be provided in several formats and can be configured to send weigh data directly to Rail Manager, to serving railroads or to common or proprietary customer systems.

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