Rail Inspect
Portable tool for electronic documentation of all types of railcar inspections.


Automatic Data Capture
  • Reduce labor costs for manually collecting inspection and load/unload information
  • Eliminate labor costs for manual data re-entry
  • Accurate and timely collection of railcar info
  • Point-of-use checklist ensures that all inspection steps are completed and all necessary data is collected.
  • Use of electronic scanners for railcar numbers and barcoded items eliminates typos and transposition errors
  • Inspection data is available to all users within seconds of data upload
  • Effective tools for yard management
  • Reduce labor costs for maintaining and searching voluminous paper records
  • Reduce time and costs for investigating problems and researching historical records
  • In conjunction with Rail Manager, can provide alerts or special instructions upon scanning of car number prior to inspection process
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    Rail Inspect provides a point-of-use electronic checklist for documenting railcar records such as inspections or loadings. It utilizes a handheld scanner for error-proof collection of railcar identification. A barcode scanner on the same device assures error-proof collection of bar-coded data such as railcar seal numbers. Custom checklists are easily created by authorized site personnel for their specific needs. An unlimited number of inspection processes can be created. A simple user interface enables easy modification of the checklists as inspection requirements change.

    Common uses include railcar inspections, carwash checklists and loading/unloading documentation.

    Check list design & edit from desktop PC

    Screen views on handheld while conducting inspection

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